Organizational Profile

ERN Members meet weekly to learn more about each others’ business and to expand their circle of influence.  We act as each others’ eyes and ears to make a referral to someone that we know who might need another member’s product or service.

It’s like having a sales force of 30+ local business people working for your business.

Board of Directors


Michelle Kelly

Vice President

Michael Anderson


Amy Reinert


Ed Bender

Membership Builder

Dwight Honecker

Referral Monitor

Ty Stauffer

Member At Large

Nick Daniels

Web Site Director*

Ty Stauffer

(*Non-Voting Board Member)

Officers and Committee Members


 Jack Elliott


Nick Daniels, Dwight Honecker

Event Planner

Ann Rotz

Member Recognition

Liz Heath

Mentor Chairperson

Rob Frey


Dr. Riggs Leach

Program Planner

Bob Reed

Sergeant at Arms

Cindy Bowman