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Gary Harcourt
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November 15
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Harcourt Chiropractic Office, LLC
1630 West Market Street
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Kim M.   Jeter, NTP,CNHP
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ERN benefits me in the following ways:
ERN is a group of very friendly professional business people which helps me feel connected to quality community businesses outside my own practice. I have benefited personally from many of the services others in the group provide. I know I can count on ERN members to provide a high quality service and go the extra mile when necessary.

ERN is a good source of new business and allows me to educate others about what Chiropractic is and how it can benefit others. It has brought in many new patients which helps me toward my purpose. That being, to help as many people as I can benefit from natural Chiropractic care for optimal health and wellness.
A good referral for me is:
Any person wanting to maximize their wellness. Anyone with a health problem that would like to achieve better health without drugs and surgery when possible. Conditions that respond well to our treatments include: Back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, Whiplash injuries, Strain, Sprains, sports injuries, tennis elbow, arthritis, shoulder pain, disc injuries, Automobile accident and Work injuries.
Get to know me:
I am married to the love of my life, Wendy. Together, we have 5 daughters, 1 son and 9 grandchildren. We love to spend time with family. My practice is located in West York. I have been in practice since 1984. Our son, Adam graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in San Francisco, CA. And is established his practice in Santa Barbara CA. He has since moved back to York and has a practice in downtown York specializing in the treatment of Chronic Migraines, concussions and traumatic brain injuries. He achieves this with all natural means. He makes the Harcourt family 4th generation chiropractors. I am also a certified wellness practitioner.
Special News:
We are the only practice in York that has softwave therapy. This is an amazing technology to help people avoid cortisone injections and surgery in many cases.