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Greg Duke
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December 06
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Nov 23, 2022

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Big D Enterprises, LLC
22 Heidelberg Avenue
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Upon my first meeting at ERN, I was told and quickly realized the "Family" environment in which I was hoping to become part of. Over the past first month of memebership, that has proven to be 100% correct. This is just as important to me, if not more than, the business networking opportunites that ERN provides.
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Any commercial business and residential
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I received a teaching degree from WVU in 1992. Original;ly I studied music composition and was a percussionist. My "claim to fame" in college was being section leader of the Drum Line for the WVU Marching Band. During my final year in college, I met and fell in love with my first wife, and we soon had our daughter Olivia. I actually delivered her myself believe it or not, which became my ULTIMATE "claim to fame." Olivia, and my now grandaughters Raina and Isla, ages 5 & 3, are my entire world! The love for you child is one of a kind. But the love for your grandchildren is priceless. I am an only child myself, however with a huge extended family on both sides. The name "Big D" is sort of a tribute to my paternal grandfather, Julian Worthy Duke, who had a construction company, Big D Construction. My maternal grandfather, Clinton Cleondas Nestor, died 6 days before I was born. I was the first grandson and given his name Clinton which is my middle name. This grandfather also faught in WWII and was at D Day, which I am beyond proud of. His wife Mabel, my grandmother, was a Rosie the Riveter and assembled bomber doors at a plant in Baltimore, MD during the war. My goal in life has always been to be the best man that I could be. I'm very opinionated however and alwsys stick to my convictions, right or wrong. My mother instilled in me my sense of honesty and respect... she was my rock. My father who is still living, but in a home now, is my best friend. He is a twice wounded combat Marine who served in Vietnam. He suffered a stroke 4 years ago and I put my life on hold to care for him 24/7 (which was not easy at all for either of us). The hardest decision thus far in my life was that of placing him in a home. Life is shorter than we think it is when we are young. And I now want to live it to the fullest, before I too am underground.
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